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Welcome to SESO!

Welcome to Southwestern Educational Society (SESO). We are pleased that you are interested in our school. SESO is a college preparatory school committed to developing competent, well-rounded students in an environment that values individual intellectual achievement and modern and flexible teaching techniques and methods. SESO fosters bilingualism within a Puerto Rican cultural context by means of an English immersion program. Our curriculum is designed to help students develop the necessary skills and habits needed for academic and life success. Combine with active participation in co-curricular activities, and your experiences at SESO will be exciting and rewarding. Our vast academic offer provides our students with a wide variety of experiences that enrich every aspect of the academic program and help them develop their personal academic interests. Within the regular program the students are exposed to SAT training in Math and English, and Advance Placement Courses in various subjects. Our curriculum brings the students the tools to get into the best colleges and universities around the world, and the skills to be successful in the process of developing their professional career. Our faculty members are excellent professionals fully bilingual with distinguished academic credentials and experience. Mentoring students to assure their academic and personal success is the foremost goal of our faculty. Guidance Counselors also help students explore their interests and abilities to assure their success as students and professionals in the near future.. SESO is not just a school, is a lifestyle… Come and live the SESO life!!!